ENERGY FREIGHT SYSTEMS understands that the advent of world globalization affects us all. That is why our approach
to logistically sound transportation options is cutting edge, customer friendly and energy driven.
We are poised to help our clients capitalize on free market trade, growth and development opportunities worldwide
by offering transportation solutions by ocean, air, ground and rail.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida with offices in key gateway cities in the western hemisphere, Energy Freight is a logical
partner in cargo movements. Our specialization in oversized and odd dimensional cargo, agricultural and construction heavy
machinery, industrial projects and business equipment complements our general cargo market. Simply stated, whether you are moving
your home or opening a manufacturing plant, Energy has the resources, capabilities and desire to be your
transportation partner.

We offer our clients the best of both worlds; a company large and experienced enough to handle large jobs and complex
solutions with the personal service and detail of a small operation, where the President is always available and in the

Energy Freight Systems is committed to providing global integrated logistic services,
through innovative solutions in the movement of goods trusted upon us by our customers
with quality, agility, efficiency and profitability.
Energy Freight Systems seeks to become a global leader in integrated logistics management,
through proprietary service delivery networks guided by ethical standards and professionalism
of our human talent, with respect for the environment and exercising social responsibilities.
• Continuous movement towards
total quality.
• Teamwork.
• Defined goals.
• Diligence and Perseverance
• Flexibility in processes.
• Proactiveness and adaptability.
• Human talent development.
• Continuous evaluation, leadership
and commitment.
• Environmental responsibility.
•Developing new business units.
•Strategic alliances.
•Optimizing the organization's synergistic
•Technological development and process.
•Investment and development of new businesses.
•Empowerment and development of our human talent.
•Implementation of continuous quality

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